Championship Round

Will you be the last team standing?

The Final Showdown.

Only two teams in each division will get to duke it out head to head for first place and the title of Arlington’s Fittest.

All the other teams will still get to participate in the championship round, and the winning team will take home third place. But don’t think that’s incentive to get knocked out early to rest up. Teams who lose in the first Knockout Round will have the biggest time penalty. Teams who lose in the second Knockout Round will have a smaller time penalty, and so forth. So, keep fighting your way through the bracket to give your team the best shot at taking home third.

For example, the two teams who made it to the third Knockout Round (but lost) will start at the sound of 3…2…1…GO! Teams who advanced to the second Knockout Round (but not the third) may start 30 seconds into the workout, while teams who lost in the first Knockout Round may have a one-minute penalty before being able to start the final workout. The winning team will earn a third place podium finish.

We’ll have one heat with the two teams left standing from each division to determine all the winners!


Please remember that start times are approximate.

Championship Workout

All Teams

Workout. Some things are best left a secret. The championship workout, which all teams will compete in, will be announced at the event. While all athletes will compete, those remaining for first and second place will have an added element.