Knockout Round

Survive and advance



The concept is simple. You’ll go head-to-head against another team. Beat them, and advance to the next round. Lose, and you’re out of contention for the top spot on the podium.

During the knockout rounds, you’ll be paired against one other team based on the Seeding Round performance. Knockout Rounds vary in terms of testing capacity. One round might test your strength, while another may test your metabolic conditioning. Only teams who are well-rounded will be able to advance through every round.

But wait, there’s more.

Just because you get knocked out doesn’t mean you’re done for the day. All teams will be eligible for the championship round for a shot at third place. But beware! The earlier you get knocked out in the day, the bigger a hole you’ll have to dig yourself out of!


Please remember that start times are approximate.

Knockout Round Workout 1

All Teams

Knockout Workout No. 1. Time Cap: 8 Minutes One bar – athletes change their own weights. 15 Clean & Jerk (115/85) (75/55) 15 Snatch 15 Clean & Jerk (135/95) (95/65) 15 Snatch 15 Clean & Jerk (155/105) (115/85) 15 Snatch Clean: Any style clean is permitted (muscle, power, squat, split). The barbell begins on the […]


Knockout Round Workout 2

Only Advancing Teams

Knockout Workout No. 2 AMRAP 10 40 (male) /30 (female)  cal Assault Bike 30 Alternating Pistols (Goblet Squats (2/1.5)) 20 Toes to Bar (Anchored Abmat Situps) 10 Bar Muscle Ups (Pull Ups) Alternating Pistols: Athletes must alternate legs for each repetition. If at any point they cannot complete a repetition on a leg, they cannot alternate […]


Knockout Round Workout 3

Only Advancing Teams

Knockout Workout No. 3. Time Cap: 10 Minutes 100 Double Under buy-in (50 Double Unders) 21-15-9    Handstand Push Ups (Scaled: 1 abmat)    Front Squats (135/95) (115/85)    Russian KB Swings (2/1.5) (1.5/1) 100 Double Under buy-out (50 Double Unders) During 21-15-9, barbell may not touch the ground (during HSPU and KB Swings, non-working partner must […]