Seeding Round

Set your own path

Test everything.

Competition day opens up with a seeding round workout that everyone will participate in. This workout is designed to test both your proficiency with both barbell and body weight movements. After the workout, all teams will be ranked within their divisions (RX / Scaled, Male / Female) based on their score. Each team’s ranking will represent their seeding, such that the top-ranked team will go head-to-head against the lowest-ranked team in the first workout of the Knockout Rounds.



Please remember that start times are approximate.

Seeding Round Workout

All Teams

Seeding Workout. AMRAP 8 2 Thrusters (155/105) (115/85) 2 Lateral Over-the-Bar Burpees 4 Thrusters 4 Lateral Over-the-Bar Burpees 6 Thrusters 6 Lateral Over-the-Bar Burpees …and so on until the time cap, adding two reps of each movement each round. Thrusters: An athlete must pass through the bottom of a front squat, holding the barbell in […]