Knockout Round Workout 3

Only Advancing Teams

Knockout Workout No. 3.

Time Cap: 10 Minutes

100 Double Under buy-in (50 Double Unders)
   Handstand Push Ups (Scaled: 1 abmat)
   Front Squats (135/95) (115/85)
   Russian KB Swings (2/1.5) (1.5/1)
100 Double Under buy-out (50 Double Unders)

During 21-15-9, barbell may not touch the ground (during HSPU and KB Swings, non-working partner must hold the barbell in a fully extended, standing position (can be deadlift, front rack, back rack)). A 5-burpee penalty (each) is assessed for each time the barbell touches the ground (to be completed immediately). Barbell may be on the ground during buy-in and buy-out.

Partner Hold: The athlete holding onto the barbell must do so in a fully-extended position with hips and knees locked out. Hitched deadlift holds or any form of squats are not permitted. An athlete is permitted to transition from one position (e.g. front rack) to another (e.g. back rack) without penalty.

Double Unders: The rope must pass under the athlete’s feet twice for each jump. The rope must spin forward.

Handstand Push Ups: This movement begins at the top of a handstand with the arms fully locked out, the heels on the wall and the hips open with the body in line with the arms. Rx athletes will have one abmat with a 35-pound plate on either side. The hands must be placed on the plates (fingers may extend off the plates). Open athletes will have one abmat with no plates, and hands can be placed anywhere. . At the bottom of each rep, the athlete’s head must touch the mat. At the top of each rep, the athlete must return to a fully locked out position with the heels on the wall. Kipping is permitted.

Front Squat: The athlete must pass through the bottom of the squat with the hip crease going below parallel and the barbell resting on the shoulders in the front rack position. At the top, the athlete must stand up with fully extended hips and knees. 

Russian KB Swings: At the top of the swing, the lowest point of the kettle bell must be at least eye level or above. For all athletes, the bell must pass behind the heels at the bottom of the swing.

Tiebreak: Higher seed advances